The People’s Pageant


Out of the Blue Launch

We took advantage of the presence of Bruce Mau, international design superstar, in Everton Park in order to launch of Out of the Blue. Here are a few of the crew who were present. Hopefully more about this in another post, maybe even an explanation for the duck costume.

Afro Reggae

In an awesome feat of booking, Liverpool Everyman and Playhouse in partnership with Primary Care Trust and Liverpool City Council have got hold of these amazing people.

Here is an extract from the EP press release:

Grupo Cultural Afro Reggae are coming to Liverpool this summer!

A collective of international performance artists from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, will be spending one month in the City working with 15-19 year olds on a one month intensive programme of activities, workshops and performances.

The main band AfroReggae opened the Rolling Stones concert to two million people on Copacabana Beach, and has played major stages from the Carnegie Hall to the Barbican. They have played to sell-out audiences in India, South Africa, China, and across the USA and Europe.

At home in Rio, the collective work across 72 favelas giving young people a wide range of positive alternatives to the drugs and violence which are prevalent in these communities. The Afro Reggae UK Network which started with a visit to Hackney in 2006 is now building partnerships in Newcastle-Gateshead, Manchester and London.

10 young artists will be bringing their skills in drumming, circus and Afro Brazilian dance to Liverpool, to partner with groups who already have these skills and to work with young people with no experience of this work. Sharing events in community centres and parks and several highlight celebratory festivals will feature during their time here in 2010.

Liverpool Everyman and Playhouse Theatres in partnership with Liverpool PCT and Liverpool City Council are supporting this visit as a highlight of 2010 the City’s Year of Health and Wellbeing in association with People’s Palace Projects.

Workshops will run from 21st July26th August although venues and exact times are still being finalised.

The View from Everton Park

There is no doubt that Everton Park has one of the best views of the City of Liverpool, and certainly the best view of the city in the city, being so close to the city centre.

The view seems to come as a surprise even when you know it is coming. Depending on how you walk round the park it emerges suddenly from behind the trees or small hills.

From some vantage points you can see the whole city, from the cathedrals in the South to the docks at Bootle and the wind farm in the sea beyond.

It is a city by-law that every feature film or TV programme shot in Liverpool has to include a scene in this car park at some point.

Out of the Blue

A community arts festival in West Everton, in the North End of Liverpool,  centred on  Everton Park.

A summer of events to inspire and unite the community.

A festival to begin to exploit the unused potential of the Park.

Music, Visual Arts, Dance, Theatre, Food.

The best view of the city in the city.